germainAPM browser extension (Firefox, Edge or Chrome) is now available for download and use. Some cloud application do not allow Javascript injection, as an alternative, you can use germainAPM Browser Extension to monitor User Experience of these cloud applications.

Reminder that for any web application that allow javascript injection, germainAPM JS script can be used for UX real-time monitoring.

Type of Application can be monitored with this browser extension

  • Any application that is used in a browser.

  • Website (Drupal, Shopify, Wordpress, etc)

  • Cloud Application (, etc)


  • germain APM extension is supported on the following browsers: Google Chrome 26+, latest Microsoft Edge (Chromium based with Chrome Extension install permission enabled) and latest Mozilla Firefox

  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to run germain APM in your browser

  • HTTP/HTTPS outbound traffic must be allowed from your browser(s) to the germain APM environment



  • Once installed, the extension needs to be configured as follows

  • Germain APM URL - this will be the base URL of your germainAPM instance (e.g.

  • Click “Add New Website”

    • Website URL - this is the base URL of the site you want to monitor

    • Application Name - set this to the name of the application (e.g. MyApplication, Salesforce, …)

    • Profile Name - set this to the same value that is set in germainAPM (Analytics / UX Settings / Application Profiles and create or pick profile name that you want to use)

Once configured, refresh the page. Your application is now ready to be monitored