germainAPM can monitor the uptime and performance of a Kubernetes container and applications running in it. We are able to monitor -

  • Kubernetes Component type

  • Kubernetes Container Status

  • Kubernetes Container Restart Count

  • Kubernetes Container CPU Usage

  • Kubernetes Container Memory Usage

  • Kubernetes Control flags

  • Kubernetes Display hints

  • Kubernetes Node CPU Usage

  • Kubernetes Node Memory Usage

  • Kubernetes Pod Status

  • Kubernetes Server profile


1. Log on to germainAPM dashboard > left Menu> Wizards > Kubernetes

2. Click Add

3. Select the server you want to add monitoring to(note: this servers' hostname is used to connect to the Kubernetes cluster)

4. Application: From the dropdown, choose the correct application label for the application you are monitoring(you can click the + icon to create a new label)

5. Scheme: Choose if the connection to the Kubernetes cluster will be HTTP or HTTPS

6. Port: Provide the Port No of the Kubernetes Cluster

7. Set Monitoring Frequency. Default is 60s

8. Provide Credentials for connecting to Kubernetes cluster

9. Click Finish to deploy monitor.

Contact us for help in setting this up:

(As a side note, germainAPM can also be configured to run within a Kubernetes Container, more details here: in Kubernetes)