Available in 8.6.9 Germain APM release

Golang Monitoring

Adding Golang profiling to you application:

The official Golang documentation best explains how to add the ‘pprof’ package, and start a listener for 'pprof' in your GoLang application: https://golang.org/pkg/net/http/pprof/

Importing Golang settings into Germain APM

The setting json files are available here


You will need to import:

  • germain.apm.monitoringConfig.components.json

  • germain.apm.monitoringConfig.keyPerformanceIndicators.json

  • germain.apm.workspace.rcaDashboards.json

Optionally you can import a pre-made Golang Dasboard

  • germain.apm.workspace.dashboards.json

Configure Golang Monitoring in Germain APM

>log on to Germain APM >left menu > wizard > search ‘golang’

Click 'Add'

Fill in ‘Monitored Server’ and ‘Port’ according to how you added ‘pprof’ to your application

Fill in ‘Monitored Application’ and ‘Read Timeout’ to your preference

Unless you have special configuration, you can click 'skip'

Choose a 'Monitor Name' for the Golang monitor.

Select a ‘Monitoring Node’ and ‘Engine’ for the Golang Monitor to run from

Choose a schedule to run the Monitor on

Hit ‘Close’ on the next screen

You will now be able to find you Monitor in the APM State screen

Golang Dashboard and Portlets

You can import the GoLang Dashboard:

or you can create your own portlets. The Golang KPIs are:

  • GoLang CPU Sampler

  • GoLang Heap Usage

  • GoLang GoRoutine Count